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Every painting presents a different challenge and that is part of what makes art so interesting. When I am painting, I am never bored. I have discovered that the more I paint the more I realize how much more I need to learn.

I need an emotional connection to what I choose to paint, whether it is an old gnarled tree, a quiet country road or a furry friend.  I am enthralled with the natural beauty that surrounds me. I am most interested in the contrast of light and dark in my paintings. Everywhere I go I am constantly observing the landscape – the shapes, colors, the light on the trees and the shadows in between.

I enjoy oil pastels and colored pencil, but my preferred medium is soft pastel. I like pastel because it allows me to draw and paint at the same time. I can’t predict what will inspire me from day to day, but when an image forms in my mind, it’s hard to ignore it. When one idea sticks, I know that is what I will paint next. My goal is to create a painting that satisfies me and that others can relate to and enjoy as well.

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"Self-Portrait in Blue"
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